How to create, style and present content that captivates and converts visitors. Privacy (GDPR/DSGVO). Refer to "Web Site Design" page for structuring.


General Advice

  • Provide a steady stream of information, front and center
  • At least 6 articles helping the customer need to be immediately accessible (reference: Psychotactics)
    • Credibility section: customer-centered portfolio, testimonials

Privacy: GDPR/DSGVO-proofing



The Site's Message

  • Clearly answers who I am
  • Resonates with target audience
  • Compelling value proposition
  • Keep my marketing consistent over time! Customers can build trust
  • Site's not about me, but the users/clients
  • Visitors feel welcome and appreciated
  • Gets them what they need
  • Helps them get what they want, and when
  • Bring a smile to their faces

Front Page


  • Most important info: highlighted, immediately visible, large, white space
  • Supporting info: heart of the page, spread-out, subheads, blockquotes, bullet lists
  • Least important info: sidebars, copyright. Least visually striking, smaller, low contrast, set apart from main content
    • Step away for a day or two, then come back and evaluate front page's effectiveness. Show to friends.


See Marketing page for more details

  • Find the story behind my product. It needs:
    • A hero
    • A goal
    • Conflict
    • A mentor
    • A moral


  • About my clients and how I solve their problems!
  • About how I differentiate from the competition
  • Simple with clear, relevant images (usually a large banner is enough)
  • What do they need and how do I do it?
  • Call to action: sign up, contact me, stay in touch
    • Ask if they want more info. e.g. monthly e-mail with incitement to go back to page
  • Order info hierarchically
  • Link to testimonials
    • Testimonials: with headshots

"About" Page

  • Captivating "about" page: personal story, why I do what I do and how I can help
  • Emphasize my strengths
  • Short and sweet! relevant to client

How to Write One

Article on Copyblogger

  • "About" page is about empathy for visitors
  • Include visitors in conversation
  • Readers ask:
    • What's in this for me?
    • Am I in the right place?
    • Can they help with my problem?
  • Opening statement: ignite a feeling
    • Demonstrate you know why they're here
    • e.g. through a story, solution, answers
  • Follow up: empathic paragraph
    • Stir some emotions about reader's situation
    • Be on a mission: display values, beliefs
  • Let others speak for you: testimonials, social proof
    • "People talk about me and some of it is actually good"
    • "People besides my mom and best buddy like my site"
  • Bio: towards end of the page!
    • Because you warm up people first and show you care
    • Why do I do what I do?
    • What's my mission?
    • 1-3 short, engaging stories about background
  • 1-3 photos across entire page
  • Ask to keep in touch
    • Sign-up box in 3 parts of the page

Landing Page

Article on Copyblogger (Feb 4, 2015): guest blogging => conversion

  • Landing Page: a page without navigation - so people don't get distracted from the goal you have
  • Write strong guest posts and then connect with the audience. Elements:
    • Guest post
    • Author bio
    • Sign-up incentive
    • Landing page
    • ...everything after that
  • Empathize with readers in blog post (to initiate conversation)
  • Author bio:
    • Who you are and what you do
    • Glimpse of personality (mission)
    • Entice to click through to site
  • Bait! (e.g. free eBook) (solves audience's struggles)
  • Landing Page
    • Dedicated
    • Consistent w/ bio
    • Distraction-free
    • Most important info first