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"Old, stale site design scares people off. So do sites that load slowly. And sites that are cluttered with irrelevant ads. And sites that don’t work properly on mobile devices."

- Sonia Simone on Copyblogger, Apr 5, 2015.

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Best Practices

  • Article: Avoid sliders! They slow things down and distract, have no additional value
  • Article: Avoid centered logos in navigation. They confuse users more than they help

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Image/Content Sliders

Generally, you're advised not to use content carousels/sliders.

Using WP Super Cache

(article on Smart Blogger)

  • Firstly, set "Caching on" in Settings => WP Super Cache
  • Advanced settings:
    • Don't cache for known users (that way I can still see my changes in real-time)
    • Compress pages (GZIP) (careful: this could cause func issues!)
    • 304 Not Modified browser caching (leverages browser caching)
    • Pages with forms might have issues!
      • Test this using incognito mode
      • In "Accepted Filenames & Rejected URIs", paste slugs of affected pages (slug is in address bar)
  • Consider using a CDN (tutorial here)
  • To push changes live, clear cache in "Contents" tab

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