Lots of useful information about creating and using visuals as promotional tools to engage your audience and sell.


General Notes

  • For SEO: ensure file names are descriptive
    • Keywords!
    • Use hyphens, underscores in file names, not spaces
  • SME recommends: always use lossless compression! (Apr 2, 2015)
  • Add alt tags and other metadata
    • Alt tags: no more than 125 chars
    • WordPress: title (60 chars), description (155), caption, alt tag (125)
  • Human brain apparently processes pictures 60.000 times faster than words (according to SME)
  • User-generated: invite users to share content! Anything that shows how they use my product
    • Give them an easy option to submit photos
  • Use Infographics and Slideshare to publish and disseminate your content!
  • Make collages if I have more than 1 good image (Service: Pic Collage)

Technical Info

Always Up-To-Date Image Size Guide - Sprout Social


  • Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: optimal choice: horizontalimages!
    • Ideal resolution: 1280x720 (16:9)


  • Image dimensions:
    • Profile portrait image: 160x160 px (Aug 34, 2014)
    • Profile and page cover image: 851x315 px (Aug 4, 2014)
    • Group cover image: 785x250 px (as of July 4, 2014)
    • Event cover image: 785x295 px (measured by me, Aug 4, 2014)
    • Timeline linked article preview: 1200x630 px (reference: Facebook's guidelines)
      • Use this for your blog posts' featured images!
  • For FB ads: only 20% of image can be text! (5x5 grid - use grid tool!)



  • Aug 4, 2014: refer to Youtube's template!
    • Channel art: 2560x1440 px
    • Text and Logo: 1546x423 px in middle center of image
    • Header as visible on PC browser: 2440x423 px across middle of image


  • Tall images perform best
  • Optimal size: 735x1102
  • This will grab most screen real estate!
  • Also good for Google+


  • Images have to be square!
  • At least 900x900 pixels
  • Recommended: larger
  • Also good for Google+, Facebook


  • Make your image larger than the dimensions (e.g. 200x200 instead of 160x160 for FB profile pic), then let the website scale it down
  • Best image resolution: 72 dpi for web use / 300 dpi for print

Creating Visual Content

  • GOLDMINE article! Types:
    • Images
    • Video
    • Infographics (graphs, charts)
    • Presentations (SlideShare)
  • 10 visual design tools: includes "Pictaculous" for finding best colours for img overlay text
  • Draw it yourself, by hand!

Visual Storytelling

  • Visual Storytelling on Social Media: pictures are really important! Use:
    • Clever photo collections, (current world issues combined with my business)
    • Create stand-alone visual campaigns: "Market" - "Meerkat" example: their mascot has his own FB page and his ongoing story keeps attracting customers
      • Tell any story: e.g. behind my logo, location, anything unique!
    • Develop community around a charity: share my company's passion
    • Incorporate fan-generated content. Find user images to share by asking them to use a specific hashtag
    • Share your history
  • More on this:
    • Lifestyle angle: share hi-quality pictures with relation to people's lives ("how does this fit into your lifestyle?")
      • Show my product in use in real life
    • Show the human side of my product (share informal moments!), the real people and work behind it
    • Celebrate my audience's passions: highlight what they love, show what inspires me
    • Videos: create stories around my product features
      • "Meet the Staff" or "Behind the Scenes" videos
      • Testimonial videos
      • How-to videos
      • Parodies of popular material
    • Set up channels for niche audiences: don't use a one-size-fits-all approach. Have fun with specific content, drive them back to your site
    • Create memes
    • Featured customers (e.g. most loyal)
    • "Now trending"
    • Comics