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The Power of Visuals

  • Human brain processes images in 13 milliseconds
  • Good images: evoke the emotion you want and match your personality
  • Visual storytelling is very important! Show, don't tell
  • Literal vs. conceptual images:
    • Literal: literally show their subject (e.g. professional at work)
    • Conceptual: to sell an idea! It suggests the idea, doesn’t show it (e.g.: an opening door)
      • Make it resonate with reader’s everyday experiences
      • Inspiration: google search terms "conceptual" or "abstract"

Big Brand System on the "Visual Multiplier" effect

  • Amplify your message: visual communication is the digital equivalent of a megaphone!
    • Ideas: spark
    • Words: kindling
    • Visuals: gasoline
  • Attention: visuals are almost impossible to ignore
  • Retention: visual information glues info to your brain. Just adding a picture dramatically increases the chances of people remembering your message.
  • Persuasion: images make information more believable
  • Proliferation: your message spreads farther, faster
  • Hence: you can make more of an impact with the same amount of information. To harness the effect:
    • Select 2-3 channels for dissemination - e.g. Facebook, blog, Instagram
    • Create simple visual media to use on those channels
    • Translate some of your key written ideas into visual content (photos, slides, graphs)

How to Use Images

Article on Copyblogger

  • People
  • Details, e.g. your work tools
  • Close-ups from your environment
  • Retouch images
    • Apply artistic alterations
    • Add text (high contrast)
  • Use filters to establish identity through colour/style
  • Design templates to include same elements across images
    • Date, logo, name, links...
    • For: quotes, announcements, sales, promos, competitions

Hand-drawn images!

  • They're personal and unique
  • Use them to illustrate core messages
  • Article on Copyblogger provides drawing inspiration

How to create Videos

Article on Social Media Examiner (Mike Bal, Jan 2015)

  • Choose the channel: e.g. Instagram, Vine, Youtube.
  • Style: time-lapse, stop-motion, standard video
  • Vine app allows you to shoot stop-motion
    • Article shows how, including sophisticated editing features
  • Hyperlapse app (by Instagram) for time-lapse video
  • Regular video:
    • Shoot a 5-10-second test video first!
    • Edit it after shooting - e.g. using iMovie app

What to Publish

  • Screenshots of reviews
  • Close-ups / zoom in on details (unusual perspective, highlights features)
  • High quality images that interest my audience
  • Share raw snapshots in addition to staged HQ images
    • Establishes variety and shows you're not just a glossy product
  • "Caption this" photos (game with community)

How to Publish

  • Always include "Alt" tags describing an image! Not everybody may be able to see the image.
  • Allow people to use my pics with backlinks
  • Captions: 2-3 sentences long
    • Feel free to use witty, relevant memes
  • Include text (messages, quotes, complete content) on images! (remember 20% rule for Facebook)
  • Link my photos back to Flickr (do this anywhere I share the photo)
  • Mix up the types of images I post (photos, banners, infographics, memes...)