Information and advice specific to social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & more.


Setting up a Page

See also checklist.

  • Short description (for "About" box): limit 155 characters!
  • Article on Social Media Examiner: 6 ways
    • Set up (contact) forms in tabs
      • Advertise to drive viewers to them
    • Customize the page: my logos, my look
    • Have a clear cover photo: shows who I am and what I do in 3 seconds
      • No 20% text rule here
      • Change according to e.g. seasons, holidays
    • Have a good about section
      • Complete every field you can!
      • Description: start with URL
    • Use apps to extend functionality (e.g. newsletter sign-up)
    • Strategy! SME recommends 3 posts per day:
      • Photo (message, relevant)
      • Text Update (questions, fill-in-the-blank)
      • Links (to my site, including CTA) - use trackable link from or Pretty Link!

Facebook Groups (vs Pages)

Article on Social Media Examiner

  • Big plus: visibility and networking - more likely to show up in your feed than pages!
  • Join about 10-20, less if that's too much
  • Criteria for joining: active members, description, low spam
  • Use Facebook's Graph Search to find relevant groups.
    • This enables you to find groups your fans like!!

Scheduling Posts

Spreading the Message: "Facebook Reach"

"Facebook reach": the number of unique people who saw my content. Different kinds:

  • post: people who see a post in their newsfeed
  • page: seeing my post content during a period of time (e.g. week)
    • organic: for free - fans see updates, random users pop in
    • viral: people reach me through backlinks (e.g. fans sharing my shit)
    • paid: I paid somebody to promote my posts
  • Do I want fans to see individual posts or cement my brand's presence?
  • "Facebook Insights" allows me to track e.g. when my fans are online
    • So post when most are online
    • No other social networks offer similar service to "Insights"
  • Should I pay for reach? Yes, if I want the right (valuable) content to reach more people.

More reach advice:

  • For good reach: post 3 times a day! (at best times!). To do this:
    • Post relevant curated content (from other sources, paired with my thoughts and advice)
    • Repost classics
    • Trivia, questions, engagement, tidbits, nuggets, quotes
  • When posting: include picture + content snippets!
    • Photos, videos, links
    • Questions, events, offers

News Feed Ads

  • News Feed ads (as opposed to sidebar) generate more leads
    • Article above about how to create them!
  • Require business page first
  • Prepare elements: text, images
    • Above the fold (5-6 lines): Main offer, solution, phone #
    • Below fold: additional info, CTA
  • Image: 600x315 pixels, 20% text (grid tool)
  • Make test posts, see which ones get most engagement!
  • Follow tutorials in article from here


  • Mostly seen as SEO tool, not compelling social network
  • Optimize my profile: great profile pic
  • When posting article:
    • Choose first sentence carefully
    • Keywords, phrases
    • "+1" it


General Notes

  • Most brands are on Twitter (see data above). Customers go there for service/care!
  • Respond quickly, be helpful
  • As always, use visuals along with tweets
  • Have a dedicated support handle!
  • Ask questions
  • Curate content

Setting up my Profile

Remember checklist (probably partly outdated after May 2014)

  • A mission: "@Username is where ____________ (describe your best prospects) know they will always get ___________ (what’s in it for them to follow your account?)."
  • Twitter is where people go for customer service!
  • Include link to blog / LinkedIn profile
  • Make my profile inviting!
    • Welcome image: human, meaningful
    • Bio: keywords. Clear, concise about my purpose
    • Tell a story
    • Keep it clean, uncluttered

Social Media Examiner: Optimize Twitter for Mobile Users

  • Implement your branding (colours!)
  • Design images carefully (Aug 2014 cheat sheet)
  • Test on various devices, apps

New Design May 2014

Kelly Kingman on Big Brand System

  • Header image: 1500x500
    • What's my brand personality?
    • What's coming up?
    • What emotional quality for my image?
    • Interesting quote?
  • Large profile image: headshot
  • New photo/video tab for direct access to visual content
  • Posts with more engagement: larger text / it's possible to pin tweets



Optimizing Tweets

  • Generate engagement:
    • Keep tweets <80-100 chars to allow re-tweeters to add own content
    • Tweet during daytime (mind time zones), and on Saturday/Sunday
    • Ask for retweets (not "RT")
    • Use hashtags: but no more than 2 per tweet
    • Include links
    • Stay away from lifestyle / personal life tweets
    • 1-4 tweets per day
  • Use retweetable words! They're strong calls to action.
    • you
    • twitter
    • please
    • retweet
    • post
    • blog
    • social
    • free
    • media
    • help
    • please retweet
    • great
    • social media
    • 10
    • follow
    • how to
    • top
    • blog post
    • check out
    • new blog post


General Notes

  • Endorsements: similar to Facebook likes - not as powerful/valuable as recommendations!
  • Same article: how to remove contacts or duplicate accounts

Quick Tips from Personal Branding Blog

  • Use notifications: find out what others are doing and congratulate, contribute...
  • Connect with related brands: research others and watch my "Invitations" section
  • Share great content that comes into my sights
  • Pay attention to who views views my profile
  • Give endorsements
  • Use InMail for cold approaching


General Notes

  • Reflect Pinterest integration in real life
    • "As seen on Pinterest"
  • Share lifestyle, not products
  • Show appreciation to fans! (e.g. say thanks, give a cake)
  • Share personal history in candid pictures
  • Post pictures that inspire my audience
    • Lifestyle, human connections


How to Pin

  • Note: you can pin videos from Vimeo and Youtube
    • Ensure you've got a great thumbnail
      • Add a "play" triangle on it
    • Add engaging, keyword-rich description
    • Include the word "video" in description
    • Link back to video's original page or post
    • Link on pin is editable
  • Same goes for SlideShares, podcasts

When pinning:

  • Use a strong, interesting quote from my post for description
  • Pin to several of my boards during peak pinning times (early morning, late evening - but: test)
  • Re-pin several times

Marketing on Pinterest

From Social Media Examiner: refer for details!

  • Include price tag
  • Use "pin it for later" links
    • More details in the article
  • Include your best pins in your newsletter
  • Use group boards
  • Promote your profile
    • Tweet about it
    • Post on Facebook
    • E-Mail
    • Add Pinterest app on FB
  • Use blog boards
  • Track competitors' pins


  • How to set yourself up
    • Profile: basics
      • Consistency: use your logo and company name
      • Profile: lots of relevant info
      • Instagram bio: describe my mission, add URL
    • Share on other networks
      • News that I'm on Instagram now
      • Instagram updates
      • Instagram badge on web site
    • Post attractive photos
      • Show off product creatively
      • Ex.: Starbucks, Nike
      • Behind-the-scenes
    • Use hashtags
      • Research which ones customers use
    • Video posts!
      • Instagram is visual
      • Use their 15-sec videos option
    • Host contests, giveaways