The "Online Presence" section focuses on building your web presence: it covers designing your website and blog and creating attractive, compelling content that helps you build authority and a great reputation in your field.

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Table of Contents

Web Site

  • Setup: Installation and structure of a good web site. Includes colors, fonts, layout, interface. Also: basic SEO advice.
  • Development: Coding and web design: best practices, resources. HTML, CSS, WordPress, quality/integrity testing tools and more.
  • Content: How to create, style and present content that captivates and converts visitors.
  • Blog: Purpose, creation and maintenance of a blog. Also covered: philosophy and guest blogging.

Web Content

  • Writing: Copywriting, ghostwriting, blogging, storytelling, newsletters. Covers types of articles, formatting, structuring and more.
  • Anatomy of an Article: How to write an article. Includes headline & subheadings, intro, transitions, body, closing.
  • Photography: Technical and business advice. DSLR intro, portrait photography. Other genres. Promotion.

Using Images & Visuals

One of the strongest and most consistent messages across all business blogs I frequent is that visuals (including images, video, graphics, ...) are of paramount importance in your marketing.

  • Resources, Advice: About images, infographics, slides, graphs, quotes etc. Tools and resources for free images, editing and creation.
  • On Social Media: Creating and using visuals as promotional tools to engage your audience and sell on social media.